Blastball Information (Aylmer Minor Ball)

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AMBA implemented BlastBall in 2012 as way to introduce the basic fundamentals of baseball/softball (hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding) to our youngest players. There are no complex rules, no umpires, no personal equipment and a ball diamond is not required. 

BlastBall is designed to be a simple way to generate fast-paced action, enthusiasm and fun. Through its simplicity, BlastBall will hopefully allow AMBA to get young players interested in the game. The teams are intentionally kept small to keep participants active at all times.  Parents are encouraged to take the field with their children and help with practice and games.

Each Blastball session will be approximately 35 - 45 minutes in length and will consist of practice time and game time.  The first few sessions will consist entirely of practice time in order to teach the participants the basic skills of the game.  Subsequent sessions will consist of an increase in game time and a decrease in practice time dependent on how proficient the participants become in the basic skills.

Blastball is played Saturday mornings at 10am at Steen Park and starts May 25, 2024.

The full parent guide with the 2022 team lists and schedule is attached here: Blastball_Parent_Guide_2023_Rev_5.pdf